Menopause support is the differentiator in the retention of female talent




Menopause is not a bit part minor issue. 50% of the population will have one, the other 50% will experience it indirectly. Historic stereotypes and bias around Menopause, blocks careers and can lead to women leaving paid employment altogether. The long term cost implications of not taking action to support women impacts recruitment, retention and reputation.

With an increased focus on gender representation and the gender pay and pension gap, women are actively seeking organisations that visibly invest in them. To be an employer of choice organisations need to rapidly raise awareness of Menopause across their workforce, train managers and support women during this inevitable life event.

Investment in Menopause defines you as a female friendly employer, enriching both the Employee experience and your organisations EVP.

The question is … can you afford not to?


Kate Usher has nearly two decades experience as a global project and change manager working for FTSE 100 companies, 15 years experience as a coach and five as a Menopause coach. She works with women and organisations to create simple strategies that enable modern and supportive Menopause conversations. She delivers programmes that increase awareness of this life phase and its pivotal impact on equality across the workforce, and representation in senior and executive positions.

Menopause impact


Women leave paid employment because of Menopause


Women who experience Menopausal symptoms


Staff affected by Menopause either directly & indirectly


All women will have a Menopause


Woman to Woman

Bespoke one to one Coaching packages. Designed to give you back control


Presentations, Workshops & Labs Raising awareness and empowering teams


Programmes & strategies to retain and nurture women and those who work alongside them

To anyone looking to open conversations about the menopause at work – I would highly recommend getting Kate involved, you won’t be disappointed!

Public Health England

This is a session every company wanting to support more women into senior positions should arrange.

Federated Hermes

Kate created a session that resonated with our employees perfectly

Northumbrian Water

Do you want to have a successful Menopause conversation at work?

If you do you are probably wondering what support you might need, how to confidently ask for it and most importantly, how to get it!

If you are Menopausal and your symptoms are starting to impact the way you do your work, whether they be physical, psychological, emotional or as is often the case, a mixture of all three, then this free download is for you.

Talking about Menopause at work can be scary. It feels very vunlnerable. 

This four step guide takes you through identifying your symptoms, prioritising your support needs, planning and preparing for the converstation and lastly taking control of it.

You will change your minset from vulnerability to being in control of the outcome.

If you want to have a confident and successful Menopause conversation at work, click the download button now!

Your Second Phase

Reclaiming work and relationships during and after Menopause

“For so many, menopause has been misunderstood and poorly supported. Kate’s book gives women the ideas and tools they need to successfully navigate Menopause. She tackles everything, from money and work to motherhood and relationships. This is one of those great books for women, by a woman, that every man should read”

Gethin Nadin, Author, A World of Good

“This book shines a light on what should be a priority workplace issue – Menopause. The chapter on work provides valuable insight that will give many women the confidence to start a conversation in their organisation about support that could help with their symptoms and transform their working life.”

Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Adviser, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)