Woman to Woman

Menopause can be very isolating, scary and confusing. Whether you simply need someone to talk to before you decide what to do next or if you’re ready to take control, coaching is a great option.

Coaching programmes (4 months)


Your Menopause is about so much more than symptoms. It can feel completely disempowering. This coaching programme takes you through a process of understanding, so that you can take control of your experience and move forward empowered, knowing where you want to be and how to get there. This is not about stepping back, it’s about striding forward. Your Second Phase is about power. You are in your ascendency.

This coaching programme gives you

  • An understanding of what is going on and why
  • How to take control of your Menopause and manage your symptoms
  • Implementable strategies to take control of your career and relationships
  • Step into the power or your Second Phase


Power-ups (2 hours)


These sessions do what they say on the tin. They look at a single aspect of your Menopause and empower you to take control. If you are you struggling with a symptom, maybe you are unsure how to talk to your boss without it negatively impacting your career, or alternatively are your symptoms coming between you and your partner?

During power-ups we

Drill down to find out what’s really going on – both the good and bad

  • Create strategies to enable you to take control
  • Identify what you really want for the Second Phase of your womanhood

I didn’t feel ‘coached’ by Kate, rather that we were working in partnership together to identify and develop my evolving direction. I would highly recommend Kate as a supportive and empathic coach.



Kate has an extraordinary ability to help one get to the heart of the matter in a very short space of time


Kate is an intelligent and really able coach who helped me a lot. She was particularly supportive and understanding about the challenges of being perimenopausal in the job market (and in life).


Do you want to have a successful Menopause conversation at work?

If you do you are probably wondering what support you might need, how to confidently ask for it and most importantly, how to get it!

If you are Menopausal and your symptoms are starting to impact the way you do your work, whether they be physical, psychological, emotional or as is often the case, a mixture of all three, then this free download is for you.

Talking about Menopause at work can be scary. It feels very vunlnerable. 

This four step guide takes you through identifying your symptoms, prioritising your support needs, planning and preparing for the converstation and lastly taking control of it.

You will change your minset from vulnerability to being in control of the outcome.

If you want to have a confident and successful Menopause conversation at work, click the download button now!

Your Second Phase

Reclaiming work and relationships during and after Menopause

“Kate has created a valuable, comprehensive, go-to guide to helpyou coach yourself through all aspects of Menopause and beyond”

Diane Danzebrink, Therapist & Menopause expert and Founder, Menopause Support and #MakeMenopauseMatter Campaign

“For many women, the reality of Menopauseand its impact is likely to come as a shock. It certainly did for me when I started my Menopause journey with Kate – a font of knowledge on the subject. This book is an essential read for anyone wanting to take control of their Menopause…”

Natasha Wallace, Author, The Conscious Effect: 50 lessons for better organisational wellbeing

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