Menopause & EDI Programmes


This is an area plagued by taboos and outmoded thinking. Yet progressive and ambitious organisations identify the need to encourage and benefit from, a diverse workforce underpinned by a culture of inclusivity and equality.


To achieve this a structured and multi faceted approach is needed that is consistently applied, until it becomes an intrinsic part of your culture.



All of the previous approaches are necessary to inform and empower employees, whether they be managers, team members or Menopausal women themselves. For there to be a cultural shift, menopause needs to be a visible part of your organisational ethos to create gender balance within your workforce, talent pipelines and management structures.

I have nearly twenty years corporate project and programme management experience, covering four continents.

As you would expect each organisations needs are unique to them, however I have simple tools which can be adapted as necessary.

I didn’t feel ‘coached’ by Kate, rather that we were working in partnership together to identify and develop my evolving direction. I would highly recommend Kate as a supportive and empathic coach.



Kate has an extraordinary ability to help one get to the heart of the matter in a very short space of time


Kate is an intelligent and really able coach who helped me a lot. She was particularly supportive and understanding about the challenges of being perimenopausal in the job market (and in life).


Menopause @Work Masterclass

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