About Kate 

I started my Menopause a few days after my 46th birthday. I woke up thinking I was about to self combust. Night sweats and hot flushes were my constant companion for years after that point, along with many other symptoms including anxiety, depression and memory loss, all of which took me to a very dark place indeed.

I struggled to find the woman I once was and was fearful of what might be. My symptoms affected my ability to do my job and could have had a negative impact on my relationships both at work and at home.

Menopause can be highly destructive to women’s confidence, sense of self, their ability to do their jobs and to interact with others.

There followed years of managing my Menopause the natural way, usually successfully but sometimes not so, but always even in the darkest moments with a sense that I was the master of the perspective of my experience. I couldn’t control my symptoms, but I could control what happened next.

After four years and finally becoming post-menopausal I hoped everything would calm down. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My symptoms went into hyperdrive and spiralled out of control. I knew I needed to take action for myself, so I went to see a Menopause specialist, who within an hour wrote me a prescription for HRT. I recognise that this is not an option for some women, and for others the risks however small are still too high.

I tell you this not because I think everyone should take HRT – it is a very personal decision – but to show you that even in the darkest of times we have choices.

Menopause occurs at a pivotal moment in our lives. It is a time of reassessment and discovery. As we transition into our post-Menopause, our Second Phase, we are faced with choices and with that opportunity. It is a time to think about what you want more of, not less of.

Our social stereotypes tell us Menopause is the signal to scale back and expect less. I am here to tell you that is absolute crap. Now is not the time to step into the shadows, it is time to prepare for the limelight.

Together, let’s take the pause out of Menopause.

Do you want to have a successful Menopause conversation at work?

If you do you are probably wondering what support you might need, how to confidently ask for it and most importantly, how to get it!

If you are Menopausal and your symptoms are starting to impact the way you do your work, whether they be physical, psychological, emotional or as is often the case, a mixture of all three, then this free download is for you.

Talking about Menopause at work can be scary. It feels very vunlnerable. 

This four step guide takes you through identifying your symptoms, prioritising your support needs, planning and preparing for the converstation and lastly taking control of it.

You will change your minset from vulnerability to being in control of the outcome.

If you want to have a confident and successful Menopause conversation at work, click the download button now!

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